Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tools for Schools

Getting a yoga program started in your local school may be easier than you think.  Check out these resources for parents, classroom teachers, and yoga teachers who want to learn more about teaching yoga in school setting.

Grounded | Southeastern US
Offers yoga-for-kids teacher trainings, and fun classroom tools.  Find trained teachers listed at
Little Flower Yoga | New York City
Offers yoga-for-kids teacher trainings and workshops for educators;
Shanti Generation | Greater Los Angeles
Teaches in-school workshops on yoga and peacemaking skills;
Yoga Ed | Nationwide
Find teachers around the country trained in this groundbreaking kids' yoga curriculum;
Yoginos | Colorado, Maryland, Texas, and Utah
Find lesson plans and yoga videos for kids in Spanish and English, and sign up for yoga teacher trainings for classroom teachers;
Yoga4Classrooms | Eastern US
Trains teachers to lead kids in in-class yoga exercises and offers an activity deck with 67 classroom practices;