Thursday, June 20, 2013

75 Conditions Benefitted by Yoga. Dr. Timothy McCall increases the number of conditions to 75.

75 Conditions Benefitted by Yoga as Demonstrated in Scientific Studies

Hi Everybody,

For several years Dr. Timothy McCall, has  been publishing a list of health conditions that have been demonstrated in scientific studies to be benefitted by yoga. When he last did it a couple of years ago, it was up to 54 conditions, but when he recently compiled research through 2012, he was amazed to see it had increased to 75 conditions. Some of the increase is due to the growing volume of research so, for example, instead of one category for cancer of all types, it's now broken into breast cancer, lymphoma, ovarian cancer, etc. New entries include atrial fibrillation (a common heart arrhythmia), hypothyroidism and smoking cessation. 

Click here for the entire PDF for your reference.