Friday, October 4, 2013

Benefits of Kids Yoga by OmazingKids

Thanks OmazingKids for the great infographic on the benefit of kids yoga!!

Get Angela Moorad's  talk at:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Now I have a facebook page for YogaKiddos

Now I have a facebook page for YogaKiddos
Go check it out at:

Here is some of our fun during the summer YogaKiddos program at the YMCA of Port Arthur, during summer 2011!

Rhino Running!

Easy Seated Pose.

 Snake Pose!

Acting out animal poses!  More Snake Poses!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

75 Conditions Benefitted by Yoga. Dr. Timothy McCall increases the number of conditions to 75.

75 Conditions Benefitted by Yoga as Demonstrated in Scientific Studies

Hi Everybody,

For several years Dr. Timothy McCall, has  been publishing a list of health conditions that have been demonstrated in scientific studies to be benefitted by yoga. When he last did it a couple of years ago, it was up to 54 conditions, but when he recently compiled research through 2012, he was amazed to see it had increased to 75 conditions. Some of the increase is due to the growing volume of research so, for example, instead of one category for cancer of all types, it's now broken into breast cancer, lymphoma, ovarian cancer, etc. New entries include atrial fibrillation (a common heart arrhythmia), hypothyroidism and smoking cessation. 

Click here for the entire PDF for your reference.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wild Animals ABC Yoga and Little Lotus Kids Yoga Cards in Family Yoga at Wesley UMC, Nederland, Texas

This past week we used the Wild Animals ABC book in the Family Yoga class.  Once a month-during the summer months, the Yoga for MS class opens up for families.  This way family members can see what goes on during class.  Mind you, we do gear it toward family yoga, rather than poses for the MS folks, but all the poses can be done either seated or on the yoga mat.

Also used the cards from Brenda Olson, titled, "Little Lotus Kids Yoga Cards".  Great set of illustrated cards for use in a family yoga class.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Galactic Blast VBS - Yoga for Kiddos!

Here are the preschoolers, enjoying one of the poses from the book, "Black bear, black bear, what do you see?".  We are doing in this one is the Red Bird Pose, flying around in our Yoga nest.

I had several helpers for this large class. (Thanks Tamara & Leon & Recreation Helpers!!)  After each pose, I'd pipe in and say, "Criss Cross Applesauce", to indicate coming back to their place on the yoga mat.  There were so many kiddos, that there were 2 to 3 kiddos seated on the yoga mats.

Reading the story book and doing the poses worked well with this yoga bunch!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Z is for Moose. Great book to use with Kids Yoga!

Found a delightful little book to use in Kids Yoga at my child's Scholastic Book fair last month.

"Z is for Moose!"

This laugh-out-loud romp of an abecedary features an impatient moose who just can’t wait for his turn. There is something intrinsically funny about moose (the art has a Bullwinkle feel), and this overenthusiastic one prematurely pops up onstage at D, wearing a proud grin, with hapless Duck having been pushed out of the way. Zebra (sporting a referee’s black-striped shirt) leaps out from the corner, shouting, “Moose? No. Moose does not start with D. You are on the wrong page.” Moose then wanders onto Elephant’s page, Fox and Glove are forced to share a stage, and then Moose’s irrepressibly excited mug plops down from the ceiling, obscuring Hat: “Is it my turn yet?” Basically, he is like an antsy kid anticipating his big star turn at M, only to be heartbroken when Mouse is given that letter’s starring role. Zebra, though frustrated, is not deaf to Moose’s offstage sobbing (look to the title for his resolution to the problem). Ideal for kids who are past struggling to learn the alphabet and who will fully get the humor in Moose’s goofy antics. Grades K-2. --Diane Foote


“Everybody will be elated with this goofy new way of going from A to Z.” (Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (starred review) )

“This zany alphabet book will make children smile.” (School Library Journal (starred review) )

“This laugh-out-loud romp of an abecedary features an impatient moose who just can’t wait for his turn.” (Booklist (starred review) )

“If you think you’ve seen every possible idea for an alphabet book played out, think again.” (Horn Book (starred review) )

“Just label it F for funny.” (Kirkus Reviews (starred review) )

“Readers accustomed to the usual list of letters will be giggling with suspense by the time ‘L is for Lollipop’ rolls around.” (Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Here is my review of the book.

Z is for Moose. Great book to use with Kids Yoga! This ABC book to use in reading the story out loud, then acting out the A, B, C animals in the book with yoga poses. It's great when moose tries to take over the other letters, and has great humor it the story line. I supplemented the book/storytelling with ABC Yoga for Kids Card deck, so that we could further act out animal poses for the letters. For example, the letter U, is Umbrella in the book, but I had the kiddos pick out cards from my yoga deck, and instead of acting out Umbrella, we acted out Unicorn instead. Worked very well for ages 4 - 12.

YogaKiddos with Gaileee [...] 

 Here are the cards that I used to supplement the storytelling aspect of the book for the class!

I bought the book, the color book and the cards to use in the YogaKiddos classes.

Ahh!  Enjoy!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tools for Schools

Getting a yoga program started in your local school may be easier than you think.  Check out these resources for parents, classroom teachers, and yoga teachers who want to learn more about teaching yoga in school setting.

Grounded | Southeastern US
Offers yoga-for-kids teacher trainings, and fun classroom tools.  Find trained teachers listed at
Little Flower Yoga | New York City
Offers yoga-for-kids teacher trainings and workshops for educators;
Shanti Generation | Greater Los Angeles
Teaches in-school workshops on yoga and peacemaking skills;
Yoga Ed | Nationwide
Find teachers around the country trained in this groundbreaking kids' yoga curriculum;
Yoginos | Colorado, Maryland, Texas, and Utah
Find lesson plans and yoga videos for kids in Spanish and English, and sign up for yoga teacher trainings for classroom teachers;
Yoga4Classrooms | Eastern US
Trains teachers to lead kids in in-class yoga exercises and offers an activity deck with 67 classroom practices;

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Panda Bear, Panda Bear YogaKiddos Lesson Plan

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?  I see a new YogaKiddos Dance Class Lesson Plan a happening!

Below is a lesson plan that I use to execute the Panda Bear book by Eric Carle, YogaKiddos Classroom activites.


Plus a color page that you can pass out at the end of class