Saturday, November 17, 2012

YogaKiddos Lesson Plan Winner Results. OMazing Kids Lesson Plan Contest

Back in October, I submitted my lesson plan for kids yoga to OMazing Kids website, and voting on facebook occurred and my friends on facebook and YOU came through and my lesson plan won!  Thank you!

 Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Contest on OMazing Kids

Go over to the facebook site to see the set of lesson plans submitted, print and put into your folders for future reference to use in teaching kiddos yoga.  Great stuff!

Yoga Kids Lesson Plans to view, print out and use in classes

As part of my winning the contest Angela would help me with figuring out another lesson plan for me to use with the kiddos.   The “Prize”: The winning lesson plan will be announced on the OMazing Kids blog with the entire lesson plan text & picture(s), author’s name, website, Facebook page & other social media page links included. It will be announced & shared on all the OMazing Kids social media sites and your Facebook page will be “tagged” and folks will be encouraged to go “like” your page (think of it as a social media blitz to help promote your website & social media sites). The winner will also have the opportunity to receive a custom made visual support and story props made by me to go with their lesson plan and consultation regarding inclusion of kids with special needs. The details for that will be handled via e-mail correspondence with me.

So I selected the book Animalia by Graeme Base.  My friend Tammy Miller, gave Grace this book as a gift, and I quickly saw that this book had great potential to be used in a YogaKiddos class.  I gave Angela of OMazing Kids Yoga a crack at it to see what she could come up with.  Here are her list of suggested yoga poses, based on the contents of the book.

  • Armadillo or Horrible Harry Hogs (rock and roll)
  • Alligator (alligator)
  • Blue Butterflies (butterfly)
  • Babbling Brook (waterfall)
  • Crimsom Cats (cat)
  • Crusty Crayfish (crab)
  • Diabolical Dragons (dragon breath)
  • Elephant (elephant)
  • Easter Eggs (child’s pose)
  • Fat Frogs (frog)
  • Fish (fish)
  • Green Gorilla's (thymus chest taps)
  • Grapes (a cluster of child’s pose)
  • Harnessed Horses (donkey kicks)
  • Ingenious Iguanas (plank)
  • Musical instruments (could incorporate kids following beat of drumming or tapping rythym sticks)
  • Jovial Jackals (Up Dog)
  • Quails, Kookaburra or Vulture (bird)
  • Kangaroo (self hug like in a pouch)
  • Koala (tree – eucalyptus trees)
  • Lazy Lions (lion)
  • Library (turning legs in easy pose like pages in a book)
  • Meticulous Mice (extended child’s pose)
  • Mathematical Messages (standing star to be a multiplication sign)
  • Old Ostrich (forward bend like hiding head in sand)
  • Onion Omelette (stir the pot to mix the ingredients)
  • Proud Peacocks (seated angle)
  • Rickety Red Rickshaws (wheelbarrow – but only if the kids are old enough to do this safely as partners)
  • Six Slithering Snakes (cobra)
  • Two Tigers (cat with leg extended for tail + roar)
  • Train to Timbuktu (choo-choo breath)
  • Wicked Warrior Wasps (Warrior 1)
  • Wildly waving warlike weapons (Warrior 2)
Then I needed to show her some specific pages to get more ideas for some of these pages in the book.
  • Newts (boat pose)
  • Rex Fox Fixing Six Sax (could do blowing – bubbles, pom poms, etc. since you blow the instrument to play it.)
  • Yaks Yodelling in Yellow Yaughts (maybe a yodeling breath?)
 And Angela's suggestion for multiple items on a page. "When there are multiple things on a page I typically just do poses or breathing for the ones that match up the best..... especially for a book that has as much as this in it."

This book will get several YogaKiddos classes out of it since it has so much great graphics on the page!

Thanks Angela!  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thank you! I won the Yoga Lesson plan for Kids. Thanks for your vote!

“Using Books to Practice Kids Yoga” by Gail Pickens-Barger – winning entry in the Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Contest on OMazing Kids

Congratulations to Gail Pickens-Barger for “Using Books to Practice Kids Yoga” – the winning entry in the Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Contest on OMazing Kids!

Lesson Plan:
Supply List:
Please head over to “like” her Facebook page at: YogaKiddos with Gaileee (, follow her on Twitter at: & check out her blog at:
I LOVED all the lesson plan entries! See all of them in this album on the OMazing Kids Facebook page. There is a link to the PDF of each lesson plan on each pic:!/media/set/?set=a.454637344587276.123432.174264525957894&type=1.
Please also head over to “like” each of these Facebook pages as thanks for them taking the time to share their ideas with us! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Voting has started!  You have today, October 13 and October 14, 2012 to click on my Kids Lesson Plan and *Like* the lesson plan that you like the best.

I teach Kids Yoga and my Lesson Plan is being voted today and tomorrow. If you like my lesson plan, won't you please click *like* on my lesson plan photo? Thank you! Please vote for my YogaKiddos Lesson Plan 
for my birthday present! Thank you! Gaileee 

Click on the link, then click on the lesson plan you like, then actually *like* it to make a vote count!!!

I teach Kids Yoga and my Lesson Plan is being voted today and tomorrow. If you like my lesson plan, won't you please click *like* on my lesson plan photo? Thank you! Please vote for my YogaKiddos Lesson Plan for my birthday present! Thank you! Thank you! Gail
Click on the link, then click on the lesson plan you like, then actually *like* it to make a vote count!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

YogaKiddos Dance Class - Polar Bear Theme

 Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?  Was the theme of Saturday's YogaKiddos Dance Class at Exygon in Nederland, Texas. 

Nine kiddos and I enjoyed yoga poses, a bit of dance fitness and pulling out animal figures and yoga posing them during our time together!  Lots of fun!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

YogaKiddos in Action!

Breathing in and Breathing out demonstration.

Ssssssssssssssssssnake Pose.
Used the book My First Yoga - Animal Poses, and here are a few poses demonstrated from the book.  We use the hollerman ball to illustrate inhalation and exhalation breath.  Plus use the hoop to have an animal jump we jumped through making a barking noise/sound for Downward Facing Dog Pose

Photography by David C. Turnley
Flamingo Pose.

Flamingo Pose.

Giraffe Pose.

The Light in me, honors the Light in you. Amen.

Barger girls enjoying yoga with mom! Photography by David C. Turnley

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rainbow Kids Yoga Lesson Plan contest!

If you *like* my lesson plan for a kids yoga and I'm the top winner, then I may win a 3 day training with Rainbow Kids Yoga! 

and *like*.

Here is a summary of the plan that I submitted....

Beginning of class

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yoga books and Children -- YogaKiddos

Worked the Highland Park book fair this past winter and found this excellent book, for using in YogaKiddos.

S for Snowman - God's Wintertime Alphabet
S for Snowman - God's Wintertime Alphabet

Written by Kathy-jo Wargin and Illustrated by Richard Johnson.

One of the pages tells us, "E is for Evergreen" The Evergreen branches will twinkle with light to tell us God's love is eternally bright.  And the kiddos can do Tree pose for this particular page in the book.

Q is for Quilt.  A Quilt on our laps as we sit down to rest, each square tells a story of how we are blessed.  We'd act out being shivery, and then pulling on our toasty quilt!

Lovely book.........but wait.

Then Ms. Tammy J, gave Grace a book for
Christmas.....I kept wondering why she'd ask, if I had this book or not.....
Animalia by Graeme Base
Animalia by Graeme Base.  Okay page one.  "An Armoured Armadillo Avoiding An Angry Alligator".  Wow, just limitless possibilities is using this book in YogaKiddos classes. 

Another page, has, "Great Green Gorillas Growing Grapes in a Gorgeous Glass Greenhouse."  Gorilla Pose, Greenhouse...again, lots of imagination to explore, in using these books with kids and yoga!

Can't wait to figure this one out!