Saturday, March 26, 2011

I won!

I won the My First Yoga Animal Poses book!  I used it this past week in YogaKiddos class.  It was just the right amount of poses to use in class. 

I did add one pose though, so that the kids could "jump" through my collapsible hoop, tiger pose and making a "rarrrr" noise as they jumped.  They look so forward to that.  So next time, I'll probably do that with the cat pose instead, just work it in that way.

Also used the hoberman sphere ball for the breathing in and breathing out technique at the beginning and end of class.  Grace helps with that little breathing exercise, as she'll expand the ball and collapse the ball, as I say, "Breath Big in through the nose, Breath Out all the air, Whoosh!".

More later on this YogaKiddos Session.  <3 Gaileee