Monday, August 15, 2011

New material for YogaKiddos

While in Indiana, found some more new material for me, for doing YogaKiddos!

  • ABC by Jacqueline Rogers
    A, My Name is by Alice Lyne.
    Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea by Steve Metzger. 
    Alien Alphabet A Mix and Match Book. 
    Alpha-Critters by Rod Funston. 
    Usborne Farmyard Tales Alphabet Book! 
    Merrigold Press's Animalo Alphabet From A to Z. 
    Extinct Creatures Dot-to-Dot - Handouts! 
    Dinosaurs at your Fingertips and Jungle Life at your Fingertips. 
    AlphabAtics by Suse MacDonald.
    A fav... my first rhyming picture abc and, 
    Somewhere in the Ocean by Jennifer Ward.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Yoga for Small Spaces by Christine Ristuccia & Lynn Geddes-RYTs & illustrator Charles Beryl

  Yoga for Small Spaces by Christine Ristuccia & LynnC Geddes-RYTs & illustrator Charles Beryl
The folks over at Addriya (Yoga * Learning * Wellness) have a great product. I just recently received my Yoga for Small Spaces Deck of Cards by Christine Ristuccia, RYT & Lynn Geddes, RYT, Illustrated by Charles Beryl. Targeted toward kids, I believe, but I think I'm going to use them also for my Adaptive Yoga for MS class. There are illustrations and descriptions of doing yoga in the chair, and some other yoga poses, that can easily adapt to in the chair too!

According to the insert in the box, Yoga for Small Spaces deck was originally designed to use in the classroom, where space, time and resources for equipment are in short supply. It also goes and talks about that, one of the most important aspects of yoga is that is does NOT have to be done in a studio or on a mat. Yoga can be done virtually anywhere with results obtained in as short as one minute.

The insert goes on to say that everyone can do yoga, even those with special needs or those who are non-ambulatory. Many of the poses are done seated or can be modified for use while seated, which makes these cards extremely adaptive. Yes! I can visualize this with my MS folks.

I got a little bonus by purchasing these cards, as they are going to work in my YogaKiddo classes that are being held at the YMCA, and in my National MS Society sponsored Adaptive Yoga Class. We do most of our poses seated in the chair, or behind the chair, and we do a variation of Peggy Cappy's (Yoga for the Rest of Us PBS fame) Sun Salutation series with the chair. The only thing I don't see in the deck is plank/cobra with the chair. That would complete the Sun Salutation series with the chair. A great new resource to use in your classes! Love it!

<3 Gaileee

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Elephant, Panda Bear, Seal and YogaKiddos at the YMCA of Port Arthur Texas. Wednesdays

Summer 2011 - YogaKiddos  Benefits of YogaKiddos for Kids: Builds strong & healthy bodies; Balances emotions; Calms the nerves; Clears the mind; Enhances focus; Improves self esteem. Come see what fun, animal yoga postures, breathing, visualization and music can be for the kiddos. Taught by Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger. 409-727-3177.

Summer 2011: YogaKiddos encourages children to have fun, focus, and concentrate, improve strength, flexibility, body awareness, and improve coordination. Kiddos come see how doing down dog, cat, rabbit & duck is lots of fun! Taught by Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger. 409-727-3177.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wait just a minute, we did this in YogaKiddos last Thursday....

Mr. Brown, Can Moo! Can You? YogaKiddos Book!
Wait just a minute, we did this last Thursday in YogaKiddos....and what fun it was!  Especially doing the "Boom, Boom, Boom, Splat, Splat"! (For thunder and lightening!!)  Plus the kiddos "clippty clopped" through the hoop!  Nice book to read, and do in our YogaKiddos class.

<3 Gaileee

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are we going to do Yoga today????

As I picked up Grace from Mother's Day Out......"Are we going to do Yoga today????", the kiddos asked....

I replied, if you are good for Mz. Rachel, we will do Yoga on Thursday.

I think that is cool!

I think it is time to do Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see, once again!

<3 Gaileee

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I won!

I won the My First Yoga Animal Poses book!  I used it this past week in YogaKiddos class.  It was just the right amount of poses to use in class. 

I did add one pose though, so that the kids could "jump" through my collapsible hoop, tiger pose and making a "rarrrr" noise as they jumped.  They look so forward to that.  So next time, I'll probably do that with the cat pose instead, just work it in that way.

Also used the hoberman sphere ball for the breathing in and breathing out technique at the beginning and end of class.  Grace helps with that little breathing exercise, as she'll expand the ball and collapse the ball, as I say, "Breath Big in through the nose, Breath Out all the air, Whoosh!".

More later on this YogaKiddos Session.  <3 Gaileee

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My First Yoga Animal Poses - book giveaway

My First Yoga - book giveaway. See the book at:

Now hop on over to  to see the location of the giveaway.  But honestly, I hope I win it to use it in Yoga Kiddos classes!

<3 Gaileee

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Use ABC Animal books for kids yoga classes

On this website, I've listed some of the books I have used when I've taught yoga to kiddos.  It is a great guide in helping you to teach kids yoga.

A combination of reading, and acting out a story and of course doing yoga.  Hope you enjoy the site!

<3 Gaileee of Yoga Kiddos!

New book in the Yoga Kiddos Library: Mammals at your fingertips

On Thursday at Yoga Kiddos, we did Mammals at your fingertips, written by Judy Nayer and Illustrated by Grace Goldberg.

We opened up with the expanding ball breath, and during some of the poses we jumped through the hula hoop during the Kangaroo and Tiger poses.

Kids liked getting back into the yoga, and didn't want to leave when some of the moms came to pick them up early.  Sorry Kiddos!

Interesting to talk about the largest "land" mammal, then to talk about the largest mammal and to do those poses (Elephant and Whale pose)!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

ABC Animal Jamboree by Giles Andreae and pictures by David Wojtowycz.

ABC Animal Jamboree. By Giles Andreae, pictures by David Wojtowycz.  I found this in my daughter's Scholastic Book order for February.  Think I'll get it, as it looks to be good for YogaKiddos!

Yeah!  Another Find!

<3 Gaileee

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Curious Creatures: Thunder In the Jungle

Curious Creatures: Thunder In The Jungle

by Jean Christie, Sally Chambers  (Illustrator)
Listen, listen--there's a rumble in the jungle! All the animals hear something in the air, but they don't know what's there. Chimps chatter nervously, hippos hide, and turtles tuck their heads inside their shells. Even the zebras take a break from lunch to look around. Everyone's wondering what's that sound? Only the lions know, and soon you'll see, that the thunder's here and the lightning, too! A reassuring book for any child who fears the noise of a stormy night. 

A good one for doing Yoga Kiddos too!