Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another good book for use in childrens yoga class!

Another great book to use in your childrens yoga class.  Albert B. Cub & Zebra, an alphabet storybook by Anne Rockwell.  Copyright 1977.

As another reviewer aptly put, "This deceptively simple alphabet story is really an ABC book/ wordless mystery story/puzzle combined. It is the story of Albert B. Cub in search of his friend Zebra. The whimsical illustrations take the reader around the globe, featuring images of things that begin with the letter dedicated to the page. Younger readers and sharp-eyed older readers, as well as adults, will enjoy naming all the items on the page that begin with the letter B, and the rest."

The possibilities with this book is endless!  There are so many different things on each page related to various yoga poses.

For example, the letter "D"; one could lead the children to do:
  • Dancer Pose
  • Dog
  • Doll (Ragdoll)
  • Duck
and some poses not related to the letter "D":
  • Star
  • Sunflowers
  • Moon
  • Chair
Here is the author's website if you'd like to acquire one of your own for your childrens yoga library!

Lovely book!