Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yoga Story Time!

Over the Meadow by Jan Thornhill. Book about introducing young children to counting, to rhyming, and to animal babies.
About the book:
Description: Everyday objects become a magical world when Jan Thornhill brings her trademark ingenuity and stunning artwork to a well-loved 19th-century rhyme. A forest of broccoli, a beaver dam of pretzels, a dragonfly with paper-clip wings -- who would have thought twist-ties and garden gloves could be so delightful? Young readers learn about counting, rhyming, and nature as they pick out everyday objects from ingenious, digitally enhanced illustrations. Pages at the end of the book show the original elements used in the creation of the images, encouraging readers to go back and play "I spy." The lyrical, singsong cadence of Olive Wadsworth's classic rhyme makes this a perfect story for reading aloud.

Alphabestiary - Animal Poems from A to Z selected by Jane Yolen, and illustrated by Allan Eitzen. Kookaburra, Kaffier Cat, Piggy, Peacock, Panther, Umbrella Bird, Unicorn, and Ha....Hyleborus and Xiphias Gladius ( a kind of a swordfish) Now wouldn't that be interesting mini yogini yoga poses??? Letter Z is Zemmi, Zebu and of course Zebra.

From the Book Jacket:  Make friends with the firefly, frog, and fish. Greet the grasshopper, ground hog, and gazelle. Welcome the warbler, water beetle, and wasp. All manner of animals-from A to Z-are happily heralded in this engaging collection of poems for children selected by award-winning author Jane Yolen. Bold and playful illustrations by artist Allan Eitzen capture the essence of each poem that portrays the beauty, peculiarity, or humor of creatures great and small.

Who Says Moo? By Ruth Young, illustrated by Lisa Campbell Ernst. Another one geared toward the little ones. Lovely artwork and questions like...Who runs fast (horse) Who goes slow? (turtle), Who can hold on by her toe? (monkey or gorilla...?)

Book Review Says: A rhyming book about the animal kingdom, children can match sounds and clues to pictures of all kinds of creatures, great and small. The text is designed to ask questions about differences in the appearance and characteristics of animals and the noises they make.

Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. This one would be a short one, but has lovely illustrations and lots of little forest animal creatures. Bear is going to the swimming hole, but first he must find his friends.

Summary: Someone seems to be hiding from Bear and his friends! Who is it? There's a clatter in the tree and a scamper through the woods. Who is making all that noise? "WHO??" calls Bear. "Who is it, I say?" But no one responds.
Young readers will share Bear and his friends' surprise and delight when the mysterious stranger finally emerges -- and a new FRIENDSHIP begins!

These are going to be great story time yoga kiddos books!