Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yoga Kit for Kids - Slide Show - Review

Grace loves copying the poses from the cards from the Yoga Kit for Kids.  Here is a slide show of the poses from Yoga Kit for Kids.  Love it!

Friday, March 12, 2010

ABC's of Yoga for Kids Book Review

ABC's of Yoga for Kids - Book Review.  Author - Teresa Anne Power, Editor - Brookes Nohlgren and Illustrator - Kathleen Rietz.   You can find your copy at this website.

A. Alligator:

Grace really likes to follow either cards or books about yoga.  She really only has hit it off with one yoga dvd, and that was when they went through the alphabet.  But, hey, she is 3, turning 4.

B. Boat: (Look at that smile on her face!)

 B. Boat from the book.
Here she is doing some of the poses from the book, "ABC's of Yoga for Kids".  A rather new book, nice verbage around the different poses, and lots of variety in the poses.  Lovely illustration too!

B. Butterfly.
C. Cat with her "tail" in the air....

Really a lovely book!  Now I want the color book, because she likes to color, marker, paint and I'd like to see what she does with this, as it is a posture and a color opportunity.  Gaileee

Friday, March 5, 2010

Shanti Generation - Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers - Review

Not only is this an excellent yoga dvd for teen yoga students, this is excellent for anyone new to yoga, who wants great demonstration of the poses, excellent verbal cuing of the "getting into the poses", and good information on protecting your body, keep it from harm when doing poses (which is essential, and missing from a LOT of yoga dvds these days).

Some of the features of this DVD, I found to be very unique.
  1. In the section labeled Library of Poses, you can choose three different sets of poses to do.  A Focus, Energy & Calm section.  Poses to enhance those different types of yoga energy.  I like how the poses in the Focus section had a yellow green background, and in the Energy section a beautiful sun like orange-yellow background, and in the Calm section a cool blue background.  Very appropriate for each set of poses that you go through.
  2. Choose your Path section of the DVD, are 5 vinyettes of yoga poses, approximately 30 minutes in length.  The different paths are: Creating Happiness, Energy Amplified, Choosing Peace, Being Sound and Voice Choice Possibilities.  As is says on the DVD cover, 5 unique half-hour practice sequences integrating breathing exercises, poses for strength, flexibility and balance, relaxation poses and meditation.
  3. Breathing Room section of the DVD, has 5 different breathing exercises that one can practice.
  4. The Self Connection room  has two wonderful mindful relaxation and awareness practices also!
Abby Wills, does a wonderful job introducing each section, and there is a fun section where there are little mini interviews with the teens who are doing the yoga demonstrations.

Excellent all around!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rainbow Kids Yoga Workshop at the Texas Yoga Conference - Wow!

At the Texas Yoga Conference, I took Gopala's Rainbow Kids Yoga workshop.  Wow!

What fun that was.  It was setup in a Family Yoga format, where parents and kiddos participated.

We formed a circle, and if my memory presents it self correctly, we started with the scarf circle.  Each person took a scarf, and Gopala took the red scarf.  The one with the red scarf, well, we were to imitate whatever he/she did, and then the person with the scarf, on the the count of 3-2-1, we'd throw the scarf in the air to the person to the right of us.  Then the next person who had the scarf did some type of action, and we copied it.

Talk about a major cardio yoga session....those kids and parents were really creative with their scarves!  This actually took about 30 minutes to do.  I was sweating a lot, as were other people.  The kiddos really had a sense of gladness and delight on their faces.

Our second set of activities were set in the land of Egypt.  We did a magic carpet ride with our yoga mats, rode horses, camels, giraffes, and build a human pyramid.  Each child took a turn with the kinq/queen Eqyptian hat, and picked an activity based on the Eqypt story.  We even morphed to the moon in a rocket ship and created alien yoga creatures through our adventure story.

For the Horse, Camel poses, Gopala had us doing partner poses to accomplish these style of poses.  He also teaches partner yoga, so he uses his yoga poses from kids to partner styles to create a fun family yoga encounter!

I was next to Gopala, and Kimmie, from Yoginos of the Corpus Christie Yoga studio.  As a side note, Kimmie participates in the Kids yoga program that teaches yoga in English, Spanish and Sanskrit.  How neat is that?  She teaches out of Rockport, Texas.

Here are Janice and myself enjoying our sweaty bodies from all the workshops that we took.  What a wonderful put on conference.  Took many styles of yoga, picked up lots of things to try out on my students (watch out everybody!!).  Hope it is as good next year as this was!